About Kristin

Hey, friends. I’m Kristin Louise – a grad student and super-amateur contemplative currently located in the midwest United States.

A little about me:

  • undergrad: English degree and leadership training
  • currently studying: systemic education, equity, and the psychology of resilience
  • professional background: a peculiar blend of marketing + media, public school work, administration, and front-end systems development
  • love: yoga, pop-punk and synth concerts, cuddly animals, traveling, baseball, eating tortilla chips like they’re a food group
  • don’t love: gory movies, sausage on pizza
  • weird hobby: wood burning
  • enneagram 2w3 or 3w2 depending on the day

AllegiantLove is my blog that explores the intersection of emotional wellness, spirituality, and activism. It was born slowly and sloppily out of two+ years of recovery from fundamentalism and a couple “rock bottom” moments that exposed how little I knew about true emotional self-efficacy.

I believe in brave spaces over safe spaces because nowhere is 100% safe all the time. Having said that, I work hard to make sure everything I write is trauma-informed and points to hope. If you’ve been through something terrible or have lost the faith that used to give you a sense of security and stability, I just want you to know that I write (and speak) with you in mind. I’m glad you’re here, taking back your own story.

I don’t retroactively curate my writings from earlier in my journey and that’s intentional. In my earliest posts you might see a bit more churchy language and male pronouns for God.

Twitter is for animal videos and politics // twitter.com/allegiantlove
Instagram is for… everything else I guess // instagram.com/allegiant_love_

Reach out to Kristin at allegiantlove@gmail for more information about speaking, academic/research projects, or collaborations.